FAQ's - The Common Questions

We have collected our top questions sent to us, and to save time have listed the answers below. 

Yes, we have actually had these as questions! - Some are quite funny.


Q:- Do you sell Gel Soft Airguns and can you put them in the post?

A: - No we do not sell Gel Soft Airguns. We have taken advice from our Firearms Team, who regard anything which has a single colour which covers 51% of the item and is designed to look like any type of gun, as a Realistic Imitation Firearm. Orange tips do not cover this. It does not matter what it fires, it matters what to looks like and can be interpreted as. Therefore we believe bending the rules and posting these is not worth our license.


Q:- The Courier has not delivered into my hands at home and left the parcel at a collection point or a sorting office, I am distraught and my world has come to an end. You have ruined my life and clearly don't care about your customers.

A: - Couriers are a law unto themselves, if they deem you are not available we have zero chance of resolving that. Exactly the same as no other small business can resolve this. Go get the parcel. We offer no compensation for this. No we have not ruined your life, day or holiday, go get it. 🙈


Q:- Can I come and collect?

A: -Yes, you are very welcome, we have a collection desk. Your welcome to drop in and collect. If your purchasing a Gun we will invite you in for a coffee and chat, otherwise we welcome you to the collection desk.  Please email to let us know your coming, we don't staff the desk all day - if we are not in then your journey may be wasted.


Q:- I want something you do not have in stock, a special item - can you get it for me?

A:- If it's legal and we can source it, yes. Please pay up front for any special purchases. If you change your mind before receiving it and we have paid and placed the order for the item we will not refund the amount you have paid to us. 


Q: - I have placed an order and missed off part of my address - where is my package I want my order!

A: - If we spot that an address looks incomplete we will attempt to contact the person who has made the order. However if the address is incomplete and we dispatch it is not our fault - please ensure you include - House Number / Name + an actual Road Name along with town or city. Without those its a fair chance the parcel may not arrive, and incomplete address is down to the person making the order.


Q: - The Postman came, or UPS came and I missed them. 

A: - The customer needs to arrange direct with UPS or with the Post Office to have the parcel re-delivered or to collect from elsewhere. We cannot be an in-between to schedule delivery. 

UPS Telephone - 03457 877 877


Q:- The Postman or Courier has delivered to the neighbour and not my house, I am not going to collect it - I want compensation.

A: - The local delivery network is out of our control, the courier has done what it feels is best for you. We are not giving you compensation, sending you another one or coming to collect the parcel from your neighbour and hand it too you. It's at your neighbours. 


 Q:- The courier did not turn up today, its now showing tomorrow, your a disgrace and your company is a disgrace ( Yep it's real ) 

A: - We use couriers, most couriers work very efficiently, however things happen, people get sick, run out of time, no drivers - and we cannot resolve this no matter how much you scream at us or make threats. If we could resolve this we would we would be a courier company. If you want next day guaranteed without delay - please contact us we can quote you, but expect most postage to be over £10 for that, and most do not want to pay that amount. We balance value against service. 


Q: - I don't like the couriers you use, you should use someone else. That applies to Royal Mail, UPS, Hermes, Yodel, Parcel Force, DHL, Fed Express etc etc.

A:- We get told every so often people dont like the couriers we use, either they are not very good in the local area, or where seen doing something wrong that has caused offence. Look, they are all the same, some are great in some area's and some are bad. We cannot resolve that. We cannot use different couriers for different area's or because someone does not like a driver. It's not financially / time related / organisation possible to adhere to everyones request. 


Q:- I am not in the EU or UK - why can I not purchase gun stuff from the site?

A:- The world is huge, countries have different laws. We are unable to keep track of what is and what is not legal for import into countries. While we do research where we can, if we cannot see on a Government website stating exact legal details - we will not ship. Some countries regard any sort of attachment as a regulated part, so it is confusing. You are welcome to email and ask, but please be aware we do refuse direct gun parts the majority of the time. However - items like chronographs and cleaning equipment may be sent, please do ask for those.


Q: - I don't see my country to order clothing.

A: - Email us at we will happily provide you a quote to send clothing.


Q: - I am ordering clothes from my home country, ( NOT UK / EU ) why can I not checkout or add shipping - I have clothes, pellets and rails in my basket

A: - Due to varying laws on import of anything regarded as a firearm and the accessories and ammunition we do restrict many countries to clothing and scope stickers only. Laws do apply and we do not wish to break them. Remove the pellets and other offending items and postage should get applied.


Q:- I want advice on my Gun, can I speak to Giles?

A:- Giles owns Airgun 101 and the Shop, however he is not always available to answer questions. If you bought something from us we can offer advice, however due to the huge volume of requests to speak to Giles and answer many many questions - we are sorry but we cannot answer any questions if they do not relate to an instore purchase.


Q: - It says "In Store Collection Only" can you ship to my house like other dealers do?

A: - We are a Registered Firearms Dealer, and we interpret the component laws of gun's in the way we believe is correct. If other stores ship items we don't that is down to their choice.

No, we are not getting into a discussion with you about how we run our shop and if you think we are wrong. 😁


Q:- Why do you not ship scopes outside the UK?

A: - Most Couriers in the UK are very restrictive over the items they will carry, scopes they regard as a Firearm part when leaving the UK shores. Thus - we stand a high chance Customs rejects it and then we lose the postage, have to explain to the customer, apologise and give money back. So - its simple we don't ship scopes outside the UK.


Q:- I have bought something, used it, don't like it and want to send it back?

A - If the item has been used it is our discretion to accept the return. We cannot resell a used item as new, and we believe we should not have to accept the cost of used items being returned and refunds being requested. The more this happens the more this impacts costs on the site and pushes the price up for the customer. We do charge a restocking fee if we wish to accept the return. 


Q:- I bought something, and it developed a fault - I took it apart to fix it, its now in bits and I want to send it back.

A: - Things do go faulty. However we need to return them to the distributor for us to get a replacement - therefore if you have dismantled a product, it is down to the distributor to decided if we get a replacement. Strong advise is, do not take stuff apart as a refusal to give a replacement in exchange for a pile of bits does sometimes cause offence.


Q:- I bought something from you where is my tracking number?

A: - We get tracking numbers confirmed to us throughout the day from UPS and we apply them to your order as soon as we can. Royal Mail supplies us with tracking numbers early evening ( via our account ) sometimes these get applied that day, sometimes it's the following morning. When we apply the tracking to the order the 101 shop sends an email with the number, and you can also check the tracking on the order in the system. Click the link it should take you to the parcel details and tracking.


Q:- I am going to order something from outside the UK. Can you add it to my Firearms Certificate for me?

A:- No. We do not import Firearms. Some stores may do, I suggest you search them out and ask.


Q: - I ordered something, and I needed it for the weekend, and it has not arrived. You have ruined my weekend and I want compensation.

A:- We advise ordering before 11am on a Wednesday before for a chance ( not guaranteed in any way ) of weekend delivery. However we are NOT responsible for slow delivery of the courier network. We are not giving you compensation, not paying for your weekend and not reimbursing you for anything. 


Q: - I know business much better than you, why do you not do this or that. I think you should listen to me ( multiple emails ) 

A: - We tend to reply politely once, maybe twice, after that we just don't have time. I suggest if you have an awesome idea, contact Amazon, they have a much bigger business than us and will also probably buy your idea. 👌


Q:- Your closed on a Sunday - that's a disgrace - I shall take my business elsewhere.

A: - Please do, make sure they are open on a Sunday.


Q:- I want to kill something, what have you got. ( Yes this is real ) 

A: - Animal, Vegetable or Mineral, may I suggest rephrasing your question - so it does not make my Spidey Sense nervous.


Q:- I have bought some pellets / slugs, shot a few, my rifle does not like them, I want to send them back.

A: - We do not accept ammo returns as we cannot be assured ammo has not been used.


Q:- Do you sell airguns / co2 pistols for self defence.

A:- NO thats a BIG NO. Airguns in the UK are NOT for self or home defense. In no way should that be done. Any items being sold as a self defence item may fall you foul of the law, and will NOT defend you. Watch for the scams they exist, some are quite big.


Q:- Its cheaper from outside the UK - can you beat the price?

A: -No. You carry on, don't forget to possibly add 20% Vat and Import costs to your purchase.


Q:- You are too expensive!

A:- Righto.


Q:- This shop up the road offers this service and I want to buy from you, but you don't do what I want.

A:- You need to go to the shop up the road.


Q:- I don't think your postage is good value!

A:- Magic. Thanks for that.


Q:- I am about to buy a tin of pellets, I want free postage.

A:- Best come and pick up from the shop then, that will save the postage. 


Q: - Any email containing abuse, threats or rudeness. We have been asked to break a law, said no, and customer gets upset.

A:- We shall ignore you and block your account. Then report your comments if they have been designed to ask us to break the law.


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